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The Studio for INDIEvidual Music

Est. 1996




Our aim is to offer you the perfect technical, acoustic and human environment for artists, bands and musicians.


  With the most modern digital and analog equipment, excellent sounding rooms, as well as an experienced team of technicians and producers, we offer you the ideal setting for this.


We are happy to mix your songs, regardless of whether they were recorded here in the GALLERY-Records studio or at another location.

More than 25 years of experience in the mixdown of various genres help us to provide you with a tailor-made mix according to your ideas.

Let's discuss your project and make it a success!


With our in-house label GALLERY-Records and our sales partner INDIGO, we accompany you from pre-production to support and handling of the duplication of sound carriers.


Advice on promotion and marketing, the placement of visual artists (artwork, video) as well as the support and handling of CD production are a matter of course for us.

Unser Service


Unsere Arbeit


For almost 30 years we have been working at GALLERY-Records label and recording studio with IHK-certified quality in the areas of Indie, Electro, (Dark)Wave, Gothic and Metal.

During this time we were allowed to oversee well over 200 national and international projects and bands and work for the following artists and media, among others: ILLUMINATE (D), SILKE BISCHOFF / 18 SUMMERS (D), SANGUIS ET CINIS / LOLITA KOMPLEX (A), KELPY (D), SUBCONSCIOUS (D), IRRLICHT (CH), SARA NOXX (D), DR.MARK BENECKE (D), ORKUS-Musikmagazin (D), SONIC SEDUCER Musikmagazin (D), GOTHIC-Magazine (D) and many more.

The perfect symbiosis of the favorable geographical location, as well as that - very important for relaxed production! - the quiet of seclusion "in the country" creates an excellent ambience for recordings in the GALLERY-Records recording studio!

In addition to the spacious studio rooms, our customers have a comfortable lounge and their own bathroom. During the breaks you can relax in our large garden with its own sun terrace.

Affordable overnight accommodations are available in the immediate vicinity (radius 200 meters).



Fill this out if you would like a quote for your project.
For general questions, please write an


Label & Recording Studio

Kirchhofstrasse 17

D-76327 Pfinztal

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